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The proposition of the book is to develop the myth of eternal love. The main characters, Elena Villiers and Omar McGovern are followed by different kinds of danger. The plot details breathtaking pursuits, scabrous deaths, the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation, and an unimaginably evil Albanian mafia operation. Always in conflict with third parties and between themselves, a great love grows while joining forces to face these terrifying battles and violent, vengeful enemies.

As all happiness seeks eternity, when pressure is at its uppermost, they whisk between different realities. As in a spell, they live parallel lives as alternate versions of themselves.



Conrad is a fearless renegade police detective, a picturesque and charming man who works for the Canadian police in Winnipeg. His self-confident behavior and abilities lead the central police to assign him to operate in clandestine international police operations. In all aspects of life, he knows how to grab opportunities but ends up mingled into worldwide conspiracy.

First three books will be launched in 2021.

  • The London Affairs (Conrad Daniels Series – Book 1)

  • International Affairs (Conrad Daniels Series – Book 2)

  • The Moscow Affairs (Conrad Daniels Series – Book 3)

Keyboard and Mouse

Anne C Maxwell

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