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Never Without Her - Prequel


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Full Freedom is a prequel to Never Without Her Series.

A turn-page action romance.
Elena Villiers. A fearless, straight forward, beautiful MI6 agent.
Omar McGovern. A rich handsome Saudi, bossy, Bank CEO in London.
You will know their story before they met. Both are experts in attracting trouble.
You will immerse in their romance and personal conflicts and will come across a love so great it goes beyond space and time. And the action … never stops.

The NEVER WITHOUT HER SERIES will be made up of five books, plus a prequel, each containing a stand-alone story with no major cliffhangers. However, since it is a series, for the best reading experience and to avoid spoilers this is the recommended order to read the stories in:

Full Freedom – Prequel
A Bend In Time – Book 1
Essence Of Adrenaline – Book 2
Lost With No Trail – Book 3
Distrust – Book 4
Past Reloaded – Book 5

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Anne C Maxwell

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