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Never Without Her - Book 3

Amazon Kindle - Lost With No Trail by Anne C. Maxwell
Amazon paperback - Lost With No Trail by Anne C. Maxwell

The thrill going up the spine cuts like a sharp knife. It’s difficult to maintain hope. Violence dictates the rules. Will the Olympian gods be impressed by their deep love and help them? Only immaterial forces with their magical mysteries can save them.

This is the third book of the Never Without Her series. It’s a love story based on how an ex-MI6 agent and a successful bank CEO, always in conflict, grow a great love while joining forces to face terrifying battles and violent, vengeful enemies.

A kidnapping results from their past actions against well-organized outlaws. Throughout a breathtaking pursuit, scabrous deaths, the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation, and an unimaginably evil Albanian mafia operation, their desire, to raise a big family, hangs by a thread.

The plot presents many twists, and you’ll wonder at the trick the author uses to immerse these same characters in two different stories. They live parallel lives as alternate versions of themselves, and they handle their ‘what if…’ lives without renouncing their current ones. Is it a powerful spell? Is it science? Is it time travel? Is it a dream? Are these postmortem memories?

The language, and the way the characters’ personalities are developed, give the scenes elements of beauty, idealism, and magic even during the most cruel of realistic events.

The NEVER WITHOUT HER SERIES will be made up of five books, plus a prequel, each containing a stand-alone story with no major cliffhangers. However, since it is a series, for the best reading experience and to avoid spoilers this is the recommended order to read the stories in:

Full Freedom – Prequel
A Bend In Time – Book 1
Essence Of Adrenaline – Book 2
Lost With No Trail – Book 3
Distrust – Book 4
Past Reloaded – Book 5

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