Never Without Her Trilogy - Book 4


Romance. Suspense. Extortion. Conspiracy. Intrigue. Death.
Distrust, because nothing is as it seems.
The beloved couple Omar and Elena are back in DISTRUST, Book 4 of Never Without Her Series.
This suspenseful love story begins in 21st century London. The core of the story is a scheme to inherit all of the MGBC’s assets, planned and perpetrated by a drug dealer named Jeff Murray and a yellow press tabloid journalist.
Omar, close to a nervous breakdown due to business troubles and Murray’s extortion menace, travels to Girona to slow down and instead finds an unknown girl’s body buried in the bushes across from his house.
Meanwhile, a time and space trick twists the story, and Elena finds herself living in the Golden Age of the 1920s in both Paris and New York. She is an acclaimed ballerina who hangs out with the intellectual aristocracy and famous artists and journalists and has several lovers.

Essence Of Adrenaline by Anne C. Maxwell


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The author lives in Rio de Janeiro, has a degree in English Language and Literature, and is an art lover. Distrust is the fourth book of the NEVER WITHOUT HER Series. - CONRAD DANIELS is her new series, and its first three books will be launched in 2021. Writing awards she has received for her first three published books include a Maggie Award, a New Apple Summer Book Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing, and a Red City Review Book Award.

Writing became such a joy that she thought other people might enjoy the dazzling and exciting lives of her characters. Now she's busy writing full-time. Past Reloaded, a suspense and magical realism romance, is the fifth book of the NEVER WITHOUT HER series and will be launched in 2021. Lost With No Trail is the third book, Essence of Adrenaline is the second book, and A Bend in Time is the first book of this series - all three were previously published-. Full Freedom is a prequel story to the series.


Currently, Anne is enthusiastically writing CONRAD DANIELS books 1, 2, and 3.



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